Study Abroad or Exchange?

At Monash, we welcome students from around the world each semester. We hope that you come study with us and experience all that Monash has to offer, both in and beyond the classroom.

If you’re planning on studying at Monash for a semester program (one or two semesters), you will be considered as either a Study Abroad student or an Exchange student, depending on whether your home institution is a Monash University exchange partner.

While Study Abroad and Exchange students both come from institutions overseas, attend our Monash Abroad orientation and study units at Monash, there are some key differences that we will clarify below. We also recommend you seek advice from your home institution about whether Study Abroad or Exchange is the most suitable option for you.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad will be your program option if there is no reciprocal exchange agreement between your home institution and Monash. As a Study Abroad student, tuition fees are paid to Monash by you directly or on your behalf by your home institution or a third party provider. This program is sometimes known as 'Direct-Enrol' or 'Free-Mover'.

In some cases, Study Abroad may be recommended by your home institution even if they do have a reciprocal exchange agreement with Monash. For example, there could be an uneven balance of students participating in the exchange program, so Study Abroad may be the most suitable option for you.

If you are a Study Abroad student, you can also choose from the additional signature options for Study Abroad students (available from 2023 onwards).


Exchange will be your program option if your home institution has a reciprocal exchange agreement with Monash. You’ll need to be nominated by your home institution, and as an Exchange student you’ll continue to pay tuition fees to your home institution.

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