Pre-Medicine/ Pre-Health

This specialisation can allow you to gain credit towards your pre-medicine or pre-health studies at your home university, all while living and studying in a new country.

The units below have been categorised into areas of study which may help you to satisfy the requirements of an application for medical school or postgraduate studies in the field of health. Selecting units from this specialisation will allow you to have the experience of living in Australia, without needing to postpone your studies.

Keep in mind that some medical and health profession programs may require or recommend units that are different from our Pre-Medicine/Pre-Health specialisation. We strongly advise consulting with your home university academic and study abroad advisors to help you select units which will be most suitable for your degree progression, using this list below as a starting point when seeking approval.

The units in this specialisation are at the undergraduate level, offered in Semester one (February to June) or Semester two (July to November).

The unit information listed is based on the 2021 Monash Handbook. Before you list a unit on your study plan, please ensure you meet the unit's prerequisites and have a look at our academic considerations.