Academic considerations

There are some subjects that, for different reasons, aren't available to you as an exchange or study abroad student. For example:

  • in most cases 4th year and honours units are not available
  • postgraduate units are generally available only to postgraduate students (those who have already completed a bachelor degree)
  • units offered only offshore (Malaysia, Prato etc) are not available unless you are studying at that campus or location
  • off-campus learning (OCL) or distance education (DE) units are not available.
  • Students can study their units across the Clayton and the Caulfield campuses. However, those wishing to study units taught at the Peninsula, Berwick or Parkville campuses must take all their units of study at that single respective campus.
Art, Design and Architecture
  • If you enrol in any subjects other than those coded TAD (Theory of Art and Design) you will be required to complete OHS1000, which is a compulsory online occupational health and safety unit with no cost, class time or credit points attached.
  • If you apply to do studio-based units at Monash you should supply a portfolio of relevant work. Studio-based units include ARC1001, ARC1002, ARC2001, ARC2002, ARC3001, ARC3002, CDS1001, CDS1002, CDS2001, CDS3001, CDS3002, IDN1001, IDN1002, IDN2001, IDN3001, IDN3002, IAR1113, IAR1114, IAR2115, IAR2116, IAR3117, IAR3118, IAR4119, FNA1111, FNA1112, FNA2111, FNA2112, FNA3111 or FNA3112.
  • The only first year unit to be offered in semester one from 2013 onwards will be TAD1101 (TAD1203, ARC1401 and VSA1000 will not be available).
  • Language units are strictly sequential and you must fulfil exact prerequisites.
  • If you wish to study music, you may apply for ensemble units (as part of a group) and music theory units, but one-on-one performance units are not available to exchange and study abroad students.
Business and Economics
  • Due to a high demand for Business and Economics units, quotas are imposed particularly at the Clayton and Caulfield campuses.
  • If you are applying to do accounting, finance, economics, econometrics and statistics units (most often coded as AC_xxxx, BF_xxxx, EC_xxxx, or ET_xxxx) you must provide evidence of completion of high level Mathematics (final year secondary or tertiary level).
  • Your detailed curriculum and results of your completed Maths units should be attached to your Monash Abroad application for assessment by the faculty.
  • If you are applying to study second and third year units you must show you have completed the prerequisites as detailed in the Monash handbook(s).
  • You cannot request to study a unit of same year level and content as an already completed unit listed on your academic transcript – this will not be approved by the faculty.
  • Postgraduate units at the Clayton campus cannot be taken by exchange or study abroad students, but units at the Caulfield campus may be approved on a case-by-case basis. PG students are only required to send their full academic transcripts (Bachelors & Masters) clearly stating their WAM and GPA, they do not need to send the curriculum of their Maths units.

Units with practical teaching components may be available to you if you are enrolled in a teaching program at your home university.

  • The units will be limited to 1st, 2nd or 3rd year units only
  • Units will be subject to the availability of teaching placements
  • Offers for education units with practical teaching components to exchange/study abroad students will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The following applies to you if you will be studying in Australia:

  • If you are offered a placement you will be required to obtain a valid Working with Children Check (a Check).
  • Please note you can only apply for a Check once you have arrived in Australia.
  • A Check usually takes 3 to 12 weeks in processing time.
  • Your history of criminal activity will be investigated as part of the Check. It's recommended you obtain these records to include with your application before leaving your home country.
EngineeringStudents are not allowed to take 3rd-year design units as well as research project units. Most 4th-year units are also restricted. Exceptions will be made for high achieving students that have shown keen interest in a specific unit.
Undergraduate students may take undergraduate units only, postgraduate students may take postgraduate units only - students are not permitted to take units at both levels. Students are not permitted to take distance education or off-campus units. 
Information TechnologyStudents must attach a document to their study plan outlining the content of each course/unit they have studied or are currently studying in Information Technology at their home institution. This synopsis must be in English.

If you are applying for Law units you should note that:

  • Law units are only available to you if you are currently studying law at your home university.
  • Compulsory and quasi-compulsory units are not available unless there are special circumstances (e.g. if you have a special need to complete a particular unit). If this is the case you will need to provide a written request from your home university.
  • Only certain Law elective units are available to exchange undergraduate Law students.
    Please check below for available Law units in 2018 (incoming exchange students still need to meet the pre-requisites for all units depending on the commencement date of their degree at their home institution) -

    First Semester
  • LAW4122 International law
  • LAW4130 Law and social theory
  • LAW4132 Law of employment
  • LAW4155 International human rights
  • LAW4180 International law of the sea and maritime security: Pirates, people smugglers and terrorists
  • LAW4193 Biotechnology and the law
  • LAW4198 Australian commercial law
  • LAW4244 Construction law (dispute resolution)
  • LAW4301 Advanced torts
  • LAW4313 International environmental law
  • LAW4316 Media law 1
  • LAW4322 Advanced taxation law
  • LAW4342 Patents, trademarks and unfair competition
  • LAW4526 World Trade Organisation dispute settlement
  • LAW4654 Law and liberty
  • LAW4702 Competition and consumer law
  • LAW4704 Taxation law

    Second Semester
  • LAW4112 Advanced constitutional law
  • LAW4113 Current problems in criminal law
  • LAW4122 International law
  • LAW4132 Law of employment
  • LAW4184 International criminal law
  • LAW4225 Non-adversarial justice
  • LAW4227 Criminal investigation law and procedure
  • LAW4230 Animal law
  • LAW4311 Succession law
  • LAW4312 Legal issues in medicine
  • LAW4341 Copyright and designs
  • LAW4537 Public policy, regulation and the law
  • LAW4671 Private investment law
  • LAW4702 Competition and consumer law
  • LAW4704 Taxation law

If you are applying for Postgraduate Law units you should note that:

  • As a full time student you will need to nominate 4 units (24 credit points) per semester.
  • You will be able to find the list of elective units through the Law timetable web page.
  • Students need to check the timetable for unit clashes and different offerings.
  • Students need to check all the units for pre-requisites and co-requisites by searching each individual unit on the Monash Handbook or through the timetable web page.
  • Students completed their LLB and/or LLM in a non-Commonwealth country must enrol in LAW5081 Australian legal process and research.
  • Students need to enrol in units that are offered concurrently or after LAW5081 Australian legal process and research.
  • Please nominate the exact teaching period for each unit in your application. You can find this information through the timetable web page.
  • Semester 1, 2018 Orientation/Enrolment day: Thursday 8 February
    International and Exchange Students Class start date: Monday 12 February
    Semester 2, 2018 Orientation/Enrolment day: Thursday 5th July
    International and Exchange Students Class start date: Wednesday 11th July
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery units are not available to exchange and study abroad students.
  • NUT1010 Human nutrition: An introduction to nutrients is not available to exchange and study abroad students. No other first year nutrition units are available.
  • Nursing placement units are not permitted for inbound students.

If you are applying for psychology units you should note that:

  • Approval for 1st and 2nd semester First year Psychology units is automatic if you are currently enrolled in a tertiary program.
  • Psychology units at second or third year level are only available to students with substantial appropriate previous study in psychology and the School of Psychological Sciences has strict requirements for progression at undergraduate level.
  • In order to assess applications from exchange and study abroad students, the School of Psychological Sciences require official unit /subject descriptions for all previously studied psychology units - including the number of hours of classes per week, the assessment requirements of the units, the textbooks used, and an outline of the content.
  • If you are applying for 2nd or 3rd year units other than PSY2051 you must have a working knowledge of statistics programs like SPSS and have previously written scientific lab reports.

You should attach evidence that you meet the requirements mentioned above to your application.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical ScienceYou can only apply for the 1st year Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science units unless you are studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical science) degree at your home university.
You must apply for one course, one year level, one major for Pharmaceutical Science, and one campus (Parkville). No cross campus enrolment is permitted.
Your academic transcript and full details of your course/unit outlines should be attached to your Monash Abroad application for assessment by the faculty.
  • If you are applying to study units taught by the Faculty fo Science, you will need to supply unit syllabuses of related/equivalent units to determine if you meet the necessary pre-requisites.
  • You should send your synopses with your Monash Abroad application.
  • BIO3021 Marine Biology has a compulsory field trip component prior to the start of semester at an additional cost to students. This is a hurdle requirement to enrol in this unit and students must attend. For Semester 1, 2018 the dates are Sunday February 11 to Friday February 16, 2018 inclusive and registered students will be excused from Monash Abroad orientation.
  • BIO3820 - Tropical terrestrial biology is not available to incoming exchange and study abroad students.