Monash Intercultural Lab

As a Monash student, you are part of a globalised community. Your student experience will be shaped by a diverse range of people - whether you are on campus at Monash, on exchange overseas, or travelling during our breaks. But how can you be effective in this multicultural environment?

Being a global citizen is a crucial attribute for successful leaders. Being culturally aware will allow you to communicate effectively, as well as anticipate, correctly interpret, and adjust to the culturally defined habits of the people around us.


The Monash intercultural lab coordinates a suite of units available across various disciplines in A2000 Bachelor of Arts, A2001 Bachelor of Global Studies and A0502 Diploma of Liberal Arts.

Undergraduate units

  • ATS1254 Culture, power and difference: Indigeneity and Australian identity
  • ATS1255 Encountering cultures: Introduction to anthropology 1
  • ATS1515 Reading across cultures
  • ATS2000 From Freud to Friends: Ethnic identity in popular culture*
  • ATS2184 Intercultural skills for an internationalised workplace*
  • ATS2199 Intercultural encounters: communication, misunderstandings and conflict resolution*
  • ATS2243 Intercultural competence and media: Cultures, customs and values*
  • ATS2250 Communications and cultures in the global era
  • ATS2341 Asian imaginaries: Bollywood, Manga and other fictions in Asian worlds
  • ATS2551 Writing resistance: Understanding the power of Indigenous story-telling through literature
  • ATS2671 Managing intercultural communication
  • ATS2716 Cultural diversity and identity
  • ATS2757 Towards decolonisation: The United Nations, rights and Indigenous peoples*
  • ATS2927/ATS3927 Global Encounters: Indigenous knowledge, entrepreneurship and cultural exchange
  • ATS3083 Translating across cultures
  • ATS3174 Melbourne migrant cultures in contact*

*These units are offered as Arts Professional Futures domain units in Intercultural expertise. Please refer to the A2000 Bachelor of Arts in the 2023 Handbook.

Domestic field trips

  • ATS2269 Exploring contemporary Australia: People, events, ideas
  • ATS3391 A world of sport: Business, politics and media

International study tours

  • ATS2992 Global immersion guarantee program
  • ATS2264 Cultural intelligence: Building competencies for global leadership
  • ATS3064 Cultural intelligence: Building competencies for global leadership

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