Education postgraduate specialisations

Refer to the specialisations and courses for details of requirements.

SpecialisationClaytonHong KongMalaysiaPeninsulaSingapore
D4001 Graduate Certificate of Education Studies
Education studies Y   Y
D4004 Graduate Certificate of Educational Research
Educational research Y    
D4005 Graduate Certificate of STEM Education
STEM education Y    
D4007 Graduate Certificate of Principal Preparation (Victoria)
Principal education Y    
D5002 Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
Psychology Y    
D6002 Master of Education
Adult learning Y    
Applied behaviour analysis Y    
Digital learning Y    
Early childhood education Y   Y
Educational leadership and policy Y   Y
Expert teaching practice Y    
General education studies Y   Y
Inclusive and special education Y   Y
D6004 Master of Leadership
Curriculum and pedagogy Y    
General leadership studies Y    
Organisational learning Y   Y
D6001 Master of Teaching
Early years education Y    
Early years and primary education Y    
Primary education    Y 
Primary and secondary education Y    
Secondary education Y    
D6003 Master of Counselling
Counselling YY  Y
D6007 Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology
Educational and developmental psychology Y    
D6005 Master of TESOL
D6006 Master of Professional Counselling
Professional counselling   Y  
D6008 Master of Professional Psychology
Professional psychology Y   

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