How to use the Handbook

The Handbook is published annually and contains all your course requirements. These include:

  • the code and title of the units for your course
  • units required for a specific area of study (e.g. major/minor/specialisation)
  • any other special requirements or conditions you have to meet
  • the course progression map.

To complete your course and to graduate, you need to meet all the requirements for your course set out in the Handbook.

Checking your course requirements

To view your course requirements, refer to the Handbook from the year you started your course.

For example, if you’re starting your course in 2021, use the current Handbook to find course requirements; if you began your course in 2017, use the 2017 Handbook.

You can check units you’re currently enrolled in with our virtual assistant.

Switching years in the Handbook

The Handbook has a year switcher feature and current year banner enabling you to view yearly editions of the Handbook and easily identify which edition you’re in. The default year on the landing page is the current year, therefore, when viewing a course or unit for a different year, you need to use the year switcher on the right-hand side (above the blue information panel). If you’re using the advanced search, you can select an Implementation year in the filter.

Handbooks from previous years

You can find pre-2020 archived handbooks online, dating back to 1995. From 2020 onwards, you can view yearly editions for the course or unit you are in by using the year switcher on the right-hand side (above the blue information panel) in the current Handbook.

Choosing units

Once you’ve checked your course requirements in the appropriate Handbook, use the current Handbook to find units for your course. The current Handbook lists the units that are available, which campuses they are taught at, and the teaching periods they’re available in.

To find available units, use the Handbook's search filter.

Course progression maps

Course progression maps provide you with a visual outline of your entire course, showing you the units you’ll need to complete to get your qualification.

To find your course map from:

Teaching periods

You’ll find the teaching period for a specific unit (e.g. first semester, summer semester) under Offerings on the unit’s page. If you want to see all the available units for a specific teaching period, go to the Handbook’s search filter and select Unit, then filter by Teaching Period.

Planning ahead

Not all the units listed for your course may be available every year – you may need to plan ahead to ensure you can enrol in particular units in future years.

Check you have the correct units before enrolling

When selecting a unit, always check the prerequisites, co-requisites and prohibitions listed in the unit entry.

You can’t enrol in a unit if:

  • you haven't done the prerequisites
  • you aren’t enrolled in a co-requisite unit at the same time
  • you have done a prohibited unit for the unit you want to enrol in.

For a definition of prerequisite, co-requisite, etc., see the Handbook glossary.

It's your responsibility to make sure you're enrolled in the correct unit. If you need any help, request course advice from your managing faculty.

How to enrol in units

Most students can enrol in units using the Web Enrolment System. If you can't enrol using WES, contact the managing faculty.

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