Abbreviations used in unit entries

Block-onon-campus, block of classes
Block-offoff-campus, block of classes
Dayon-campus daytime classes
EFTSLequivalent full-time student load
ESP-ECon-campus Enhancement Studies Program centre
ESP-TCEnhancement Studies Program distance tutorial centre
Eveningon-campus evening classes
Flexibleflexible class delivery with on-campus and off-campus learning
MOMonash Online
Off-campusincludes classes delivered using a range of print and online delivery methods
ONLINE-DAYelectronic delivery, day students, on-campus drop-in helpdesk and on-campus examination
RES-DAYday residential
RES-EVENevening residential
S1-32semester one (extended)
S2-32semester two (extended)
S2-S1-02teaching period starts in semester two and finishes in semester one
SCAstudent contribution amount
Split-onon-campus, split block of classes
Split-offoff-campus, split block of classes
Weekend-onon-campus, weekend classes
Weekend-offoff-campus, weekend classes

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