Availability of minors, majors and specialisations - Faculty of Business and Economics

Comprehensive degrees

B2000 Bachelor of BusinessMajorMinor
Accounting CaulfieldCaulfield
Banking and finance Caulfield Caulfield
Business law Caulfield Caulfield
Business management Caulfield Caulfield
Business analytics and statistics Caulfield Caulfield
Economics and business strategy Caulfield Caulfield
Human resource management Caulfield Caulfield
International business Caulfield Caulfield
Marketing Caulfield Caulfield
Taxation Caulfield Caulfield
B2001 Bachelor of CommerceMajorMinor
Accounting Clayton Clayton
Actuarial studies Clayton Clayton
Behavioural commerce Clayton Clayton
Business analytics Clayton Clayton
Business law Clayton Clayton
Economics Clayton Clayton
Econometrics Clayton Clayton
Finance Clayton Clayton
Management studies Clayton Clayton
Marketing science Clayton Clayton
Sustainability Clayton Clayton
B2026 Bachelor of Business and CommerceMajorMinor
Accountancy Malaysia Malaysia
Applied economics Malaysia Malaysia
Banking and financial management Malaysia Malaysia
Business analytics Malaysia Malaysia
Business law and taxation Malaysia Malaysia
Econometrics and business statistics MalaysiaMalaysia
International business management MalaysiaMalaysia
Management MalaysiaMalaysia
Strategic marketing MalaysiaMalaysia
B2007 Bachelor of Business AdministrationMajorMinor
Accountancy PeninsulaPeninsula
Business administration studies Peninsula  
Economics and business decisions  Peninsula
Finance and economics Peninsula 
Management practice PeninsulaPeninsula
Marketing and communications PeninsulaPeninsula

Specialist degrees

Bachelor of Accounting Caulfield
Bachelor of Banking and Finance Caulfield
Bachelor of International Business Caulfield
Bachelor of Marketing Caulfield
Bachelor of Economics Clayton
Bachelor of Actuarial Science Clayton
Bachelor of Finance Clayton

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