Technology requirements - Faculty of Education

Throughout your studies, you will use a variety of technologies and multimedia to access unit materials, to participate in and complete assigned activities, discussions and assessments. As such, the faculty expects you will:

1. regularly check your Monash email account

2. regularly access and engage with Moodle, the University Learning System

3. have the following technologies and plugins available on your PC or MAC computer:

  • Windows 7 (or higher) or Mac OS X (or higher) operating system
  • up-to-date internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended)
  • a reliable high‐speed internet connection (where available, NBN, DSL or 4G connections are recommended)
  • a functioning web-camera and microphone (internal or external)
  • speakers or headset to listen to audio
  • word processing software (Microsoft Office; Word, PowerPoint is recommended)
  • the permissions/ability to install software or plugins as required such as: QuickTime Player, Java, VLC Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, audio recording software, Adobe Connect Application, Panopto video recording  software and other browser plugins.

The Faculty expects you to use your Monash email account for all study-related tasks, as this will allow you unrestricted access to collaborative tools in Google Apps for Education.

The  technology listed above will help ensure you can effectively use the Monash  student learning environment as well as the full suite of online tools  including:

  • Google Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Sites
  • Jamboard
  • Drawings
  • YouTube.

Other frequently used applications may include polling technologies (FLUX/other) and webinars using Adobe Connect/ZOOM/other, which will require a microphone, headset and a web-camera.

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