Credit for prior studies - Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering awards credit towards its degree programs for completed or incomplete tertiary studies provided that it is satisfied that the units for which credit is sought were substantially the same in content, contact hours and standard of assessment as those units from which exemption is sought.

The onus is upon the student to provide full documentation of previous studies for which credit is sought together with an academic transcript of results. This should be in the form of Handbook unit entries and those sections of the Handbook setting out course structure; in some cases course outlines handed out in lectures may provide the same information. This should preferably be done with the initial application for admission or, at the latest, at the time of enrolment. The minimum information required is number of years in course, level of unit in course, unit content and textbooks, number of contact hours and laboratory sessions etc per week, credit weighting of unit (percentage of year represented by unit), and method of assessment (number and length of assignments, length of examinations etc).

Maximum credit allowed

Irrespective of what study applicants may have undertaken prior to admission, or may be permitted to take during their course under cross-institutional arrangements or under the 'permission to take work elsewhere' regulation, it is the policy of the faculty that a certain amount of work must be completed at Monash University. Students in an undergraduate engineering (honours) degree program must complete at least 96 points at Monash. The only exception is that students transferring between degree programs offered within a single department of the faculty shall be eligible for such credit as the department may recommend.

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