List of electives for the Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health

2019 proposed elective Units listed by 'Key Area'

UnitTitle Epidemiology and biostatistics Clinical research methods Health economics Disease/injury prevention and control and health promotion Health policy, planning and management Global health and human rights Occupational and environmental health
January to June
MPH5002 Foundations of Health Promotion and Program Planning     Y    
MPH5200/MPH6200 Regression Methods for Epidemiology Y       
MPH5207 Chronic Diseases: Epidemiology & Prevention Y    Y    
MPH5236 Clinical Trials   Y      
MPH5241 Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety        Y
MPH5242 Psychosocial Work Environment        Y
MPH5243 Chemical & Biological Hazards        Y
MPH5255 Health & Human Rights     Y   Y  
MPH5266 Clinical Leadership & Mgmt      Y   
MPH5268 Economics and financial management in health care    Y   Y   
MPH5269 Foundations of Health Policy      Y   
MPH5271 Implementation and Innovation in Health Care      Y   
HEC5970 Introduction to Health Economics    Y     
HEC5975 Principles of Health Economics for Developing Countries    Y     
MAP4200 Improving Indigenous Equity in Professional Practice     Y Y   
POM5005 Human Factors for Patient Safety      Y   
July to December
MPH5214 Demographic Methods Y       
MPH5022 Evaluating Public Health Programs     Y    
MPH5042 Climate Change and Public Health     Y    
MPH5203 Environmental Influences on Health        Y
MPH5218 Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology & Prevention Y    Y    
MPH5222 Assessment & Control of Workplace Hazards        Y
MPH5239/MPH6239 Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis Y Y      
MPH5244 Ergonomic & Physical Hazards        Y
MPH5252 Global Health Care Delivery: Principles and Challenges     Y   Y  
MPH5256 Injury Epidemiology & Prevention (next    offered in 2020) Y    Y    
MPH5265 Law for Health Systems        
MPH5267 Principles of H/Care Quality Improvement        
MPH5270/MPH6270 Advanced Statistical Methods for Clinical Research Y Y      
MPH5272 Principles of health systems        
MPH5276 Safety Management Systems        Y
MPH5277 Data Management & Computing Y       
MPH5283 Ethics, Good Research Practice & Practical Research Skills        
MPH5286 Applying & Practicing the Principles of PS & QI        
HEC5973 Economics Evaluation in Health Care    Y     
EPM5023 Foundations of International Health       Y  

Approved postgraduate unit/s chosen from those offered by SPHPM (except units MPH5020; MPH5301-MPH5315; EPM5001-EPM5015)

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