Fieldwork - Faculty of Education

Professional experience connects the theoretical components of students' academic studies with the practical aspects of their specialisation providing them with real-life opportunities to put their learning into practice.

Students enrolled in initial teacher education, counselling and psychology courses must successfully complete fieldwork/professional experience of a specified number of days. This may consist of supervised teaching practice, community fieldwork, counselling and psychology clinical placements. The number of days and type of professional experience completed depends on the student's course and level; refer to the 'Fieldwork' section of the relevant specialisation entry for specific details. Prior to participating in professional experience, students must meet specific security clearances appropriate to either teacher professional experience or clinical professional experience.

Students studying initial teacher education courses (Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Master of Teaching) will only be given permission to complete professional experience in their place of employment in exceptional circumstances and if they will receive the required level of supervision. Where permission is granted, students will not be permitted to undertake more than 50 per cent of their professional experience in their place of employment.

All students must be available to undertake professional experience on a full-time basis and attend professional experience at times determined by the faculty.

In the event of professional experience difficulties, early intervention and support may be required. For further information refer to the Faculty's Professional experience intervention and support policy.

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