Security clearances

Mandatory checks and security clearances for teacher placements

All pre-service teachers must satisfy security clearances that apply to the state or territory where you are undertaking your professional experience before you commence. These security clearances help keep children safe and ensure good recruitment for people volunteering to work with children.

Professional Experience Office staff must sight the proof of your security clearance before your placement commences, otherwise you will not be able to teach.

Acquiring your clearance

For placements in Victoria

All students undertaking their placements in the state of Victoria must either have a valid Working with Children Check, or a current VIT registration in order to commence their placement.

  • Working With Children Check (WWCC)
    Apply for a Working with Children Check and upload a scanned copy of your WWC Card to your InPlace account.
  • VIT Registration
    If you hold current VIT Registration you do not need to apply for the Working with Children Check. However, for audit purposes, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your VIT Registration Card to your InPlace account.
  • Police Check
    Some childcare centres require students to have a current Police Check. Please check with your centre as soon as you receive your allocation details.
For placements interstate

Students undertaking their placements outside of Victoria must comply with the legislation requirements of that particular state - see Pre-employment screening: Working with Children Checks and Police Checks.

  • If you are residing in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory or Western Australia, please upload a scanned copy of your WWCC Card to your InPlace account.
  • If you are residing in South Australia or Tasmania, please upload a copy of your security clearance to
  • Pre-service teachers who wish to undertake a professional experience placement in an ACT school must be registered on the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Pre-service Teacher Register.
For placements overseas

For countries other than Australia, please see that country's requirements and upload a copy of your security clearance to

Submitting your proof of clearance

To InPlace:

See how to upload documents into InPlace (pdf).


Upload a copy of your security clearance to by completing the following steps:

  • Select the "Ask a Question" tab
  • Choose "Student Administration" from the category drop-down list
  • Type or copy/paste the following into the question field: PEO Security Clearance
  • Attach your scanned forms (maximum size limit is 3 MB per form).
If clearance is not required:

If the state/country you reside in does not require a security clearance, please send an email via to notify us.