The impact of teacher shortages on teachers remaining in hard to staff schools

Research project

Nurturing teachers amid teacher shortages in Australia.


This project investigates the lived experiences of teachers in a time of unprecedented teacher shortages. While previous studies have examined the causes of teacher shortages, this project is significant in its review of the issues of teacher retention, focusing instead on those teachers who remain. By addressing the problem of retention this way, the expected outcomes of this project include developing a much deeper understanding of how educational systems, as well as individual schools, can support those teachers remaining in the profession. This will provide significant benefits such as informing policy on how to facilitate greater teacher retention at a time when maintaining support for a declining teaching workforce is urgent.



McPherson, A., Lampert, J. & Burnett, B. (2024). A summary of initiatives to address teacher shortages in hard-to-staff schools in the Anglosphere. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education.

Lampert, J., McPherson, A. & Burnett, B. (2024). Still standing: an ecological perspective on teachers remaining in hard-to-staff schools. Teachers and Teaching, 30(1), 116-130.

Public scholarship/Media

Lampert, J. (Guest speaker). (2024). Why are teachers leaving the profession in droves? [Radio]. In F. Duxfield (Producer), RN Drive. Australian Broadcasting Company.

McPherson, A., Burnett, B. & Lampert, J. (2023, May 1). Teacher shortages: Is teaching family-friendly now? EduResearch Matters.

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Professor Jo Lampert