Professional Experience Placement Variation Application processes


Placement/Professional Experience

Periods of placement in schools, early childhood centres and other  educational settings that are deemed to constitute the required number of  supervised teaching practice days as well as counselling and psychological  organisations/agencies as outlined in the relevant accreditation body’s  guidelines.

Placement variation

Requests to vary placement/professional  experience dates or location.

Professional Practice Consultants

A Professional Practice Consultant works with and  supports students in their professional experience, developing and maintaining  systematic processes for quality professional / placement experiences.

Chief Examiner

Chief Examiners of  units provide  students with clear information about the vision and features of the unit,  including its fit with and contribution to the overall philosophy, structure,  scope, sequence and assessment of the course.

Exceptional Circumstances

Exceptional circumstances  include those of a medical nature or cases where students have a long-term  prior commitment (in place before enrolling in a Monash course) that precludes  them from completing the placement at the scheduled time.


  1. Students may apply for placement variation in  exceptional circumstances.
  2. All applications must be lodged with the Professional  Experience Office preferably at the commencement of the course.
  3. All  applications must provide supporting  evidence which verifies the exceptional circumstances.
  4. All applications are considered on a case by  case basis. The Professional Experience Office and/ or the Professional Experience  Director is responsible for the assessment of all placement variation  applications in Professional Experience units. When considering applications,  advice may be sought from the Professional  Practice Consultants /Chief Examiners and Academic Advisors , if  relevant.
  5. Students will be notified whether or not their application has been  successful by the Professional Experience Office.


Manager,  Professional Experience Office

Professional Experience Director

Manager, Professional Practice