What the teaching profession needs now for the future

This project, undertaken in conjunction with AEU Victoria, will investigate the key issues confronting AEU members in public schools and the opportunities for system- and school-based reforms. Topics to be investigated include:

  • Salaries and conditions
  • Status of, and respect for, the profession
  • What is teacher, education support, and principal work, and what it needs to be
  • What can students, parents/carers, government and the broader community expect of teachers
  • The level of investment needed for high quality public education provision
  • Schooling arrangements that meet the needs of students, their families and school staff

The outcome of this research will be a series of papers focusing on the work and working conditions of current AEU member teachers, school leaders and support staff; what the workforce needs for delivery of a high quality universal public education system; and characteristics of effective partnerships between parents/carers, children and young people, and schools and school employees.

This research is being undertaken by the faculty’s Education Workforce for the Future impact lab.