External Evaluation of Explore Learning Sites Critical and Creative Thinking Collaborative Inquiry Project

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The evaluation team consisting of Associate Professor Debra Panizzon, Dr Kathy Smith, and Dr Jane Kirkby provide the academic breadth and depth required for the following services. As identified under the Mandatory Criteria in this application, collectively the team cover early childhood, primary and secondary education so are able to work with the teachers and educators participating in this project across the four networks. As a team they demonstrate a high level of expertise in being able to address the project deliverables for each of the three sectors of schooling in being able to:

  • Provide advice regarding the design of appropriate metrics for determining the impact of an intentional focus on developing student’s critical and creative thinking in learning areas;
  • Analyse DECD data as appropriate;
  • Analyse school based data as appropriate;
  • Provide advice to DECD regarding data metrics and collection requirements; and,
  • Develop project data requirements by working with Strategic Design officers.