Arts.Creativity.Education research group

The ACE Faculty Research Group engages with theory and practice in creativity, arts-based methods, and arts education across early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, and public pedagogical contexts. Methodologically the group draws on a variety of research methodologies from both quantitative and qualitative paradigms, including narrative inquiry, performance and other ethnography, a/r/tography, historical research and phenomenology. The key focus of this group is to collegially build research capacity centering on the synergy between teaching and research in, through and about the arts.


Our research group is currently collaborating with a range of national and international colleagues and groups from Asia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Europe, and the USA amongst others. We are a founding member of the Australian Arts Based Education Research network, a consortium of scholars and practitioners conducting quarterly symposia on topics of interest to the network. We welcome proposals for new research collaborations, and maintain a dynamic visiting scholar program.

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