Parent Report Card Survey 2019-2020

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The aim of this research project is to examine and broaden current knowledge of the ‘cost of education’.

This iteration of the study will utilise postcode location data for mapping the range of tuition costs of education (low fee to high fee) in each sector, inclusive and exclusive of elite schools. This systematic research study will lead to reproducible results that will inform policy, educational stakeholders, parents, the wider public, and fellow educational researchers.

In this research, we will produce an extensive Excel spreadsheet detailing approximate tuition costs in each sector across each state and territory of Australia and New Zealand.

The research methodology will be carried out in three stages:

  1. Analysis of data from Futurity Investment Group’s survey of their members about the ancillary costs of education across 11 categories.
  2. Spreadsheet of cost of education that focuses on school fees, to illustrate the range and differences across school types, locations.
  3. Desktop research on education costs using existing publicly available data.