Counselling placements

Placement information for Master of Counselling students.

Professional experience placement is a fundamental part of the Master of Counselling course, enabling you to apply and extend your knowledge and skills into practice in a professional counselling environment. It is designed to develop a range of professional skills and to acquaint you with issues of professional ethics and practice in counselling.

EDF5534 – Supervised Professional Counselling Practice is a full-year counselling placement unit, and you are enrolled in it for a full academic year. Unlike your coursework units, it has no face-to-face classes, but we encourage you to engage with the Counselling Placement Team in our Professional Experience Office who will help you with all aspects of your placement.

The EDF5534 Moodle site will be your primary source of information relating to your counselling placement. You will gain access to it in Orientation Week, once your enrolment is active.

Until you gain access to the EDF5534 Moodle site, use this page to see what to expect from this unit.

Things you should know

Temporary amendments due to COVID-19
Due to current impacts of COVID-19, some temporary amendments have been made to the placement requirements. These have been endorsed by our accrediting bodies ACA, PACFA and SAC. In the event that further changes are made, we will keep students informed to ensure they meet current accreditation requirements.

Who to contact?

Our Counselling Placement Team within the Professional Experience Office are dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your counselling placement.

To contact the Counselling Placement Team, please send your enquiry to the Professional Experience Office.