Science Education Research Group

The Science Education Research Group (SERG) has a long history within the Faculty of Education as an active and influential research group. It brings together a strong team of notable academics, skilled teaching practitioners and graduate students who share a common passion to promote and improve the quality of science education in F-12 schools both nationally and internationally.

The group seeks to build new professional knowledge by undertaking high quality science education research which informs, challenges and transforms the learning and teaching of science across learning communities. Areas of research interest and expertise include; encouraging and exploring understandings of scientific literacy, teaching to promote student conceptual understanding, investigating the Nature of Science (NoS), the role of values in science education, teaching emerging science in virtual classrooms and the design of innovative pedagogy to improve the quality of science education and student engagement.

The group shares strong research links with several highly regarded international science education groups and regularly undertakes collaborative research projects, science teacher professional learning programs and publications. See the group's website for further information.

Group members

PhD student members:

  • Tabetha Spiteri

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