The internationalization of Australian Independent Schools: The influence of Confucian Heritage Culture on Pedagogy

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Australia has many students from Asian countries with a Confucian Heritage Cultural (CHC). The learning styles of these students needs to be better understood, particularly within influential contextual factors within Australian educational systems.

This project will be using a social constructivist methodological approach that will allow the researchers to make sense of and interpret the internationalization of Australian independent schools as well as on the pedagogical challenges of Australian independent schools with an increasing number of international students with Confucian Heritage Culture background in the contexts of internationalization. We will undertake a thorough review of literature and critical review of relevant Australian federal, State and Territory policy documents to provide documentary data for this study. These data will be read in conjunction with data collected by both survey and interviews of principals, teachers and students from selected independent schools in Victoria, allowing triangulation to be undertaken in the analysis phase.

The project is expected to find out the opportunities and challenges which international education in Australia is facing while China is opening up with its “the Belt and Road” initiative.