Connected2Learning - Thinking Outside the Square

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The aim of this project was to increase professional efficacy in the explicit teaching of thinking skills, including metacognitive processes and to research the impact. This was done by increasing student engagement and improving learning outcomes through the development of teacher instructional practice in building Metacognitive Strategies in students (one of the High Impact Teaching Strategies outlined in the DET’s Frameworks for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) and in the Curiosity and Powerful Learning (CPL) Strategies).


Research outcomes

Educational research outcomes resulting from the Connect2Learning project:

  • Increased teacher efficacy in understanding and implementing the Critical & Creative Thinking Curriculum.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the High Impact Teaching Strategies, particularly in the area of Metacognitive Strategies.
  • Increased student ability to demonstrate thinking in visual, verbal and written methods.

Improvements in teaching and learning as a result of the project activities included:

  • Changing pedagogy – Using a critical and creative lens on what is taught, how and why. Engaging in reflective teacher practice (using metacognitive strategies from a teaching point of view) as a way to consistently improve teaching and learning.
  • Learning enhancement – Increase in collaborative learning; peer learning; reflection and self-assessment.