Connected2Learning - Thinking Outside the Square

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Student Attitudes to School survey results indicate that ‘stimulated learning’ is one of the lowest rated areas by the grade four to six cohort at HPS. Clearly this requires investigation as learning stimulation increases engagement, and is key to achieving excellent student outcomes.

It has been suggested that improving metacognitive practices through the explicit teaching of thinking skills will increase stimulation and enable students to take greater control of their learning. Due to a lack of teacher capacity and pedagogical understanding of the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum, and how to explicitly teach thinking skills, we have identified that this area is not being effectively covered across the breadth of the teaching programs at Heidelberg Primary School. There is inconsistency in expected learning outcomes due to differing teacher capabilities and as a result, the students are not engaging in deep metacognitive practices leading to academic achievement and engagement levels that are less than satisfactory.

Currently HPS has few effective measures for collecting data to assess improvement in the delivery of the Thinking curriculum. Similarly, accurate measuring of the impact of teaching strategies on our student cohort is lacking. Through this project it is hope to develop some measurement tools to assist in gathering and analysing data in these areas, enabling teachers to better plan future teaching and learning programs. This aligns with the projected goals of the Heidelberg Primary School Annual Implementation Plan for 2018, which will focus extensively on connecting feedback to data and producing evidence-based practice. Aim: Outline the learning capabilities and/or teaching practices that you aim to develop.