Monash Education Research Community (MERC) Conference

The MERC conference is an annual free event for research students in the Faculty of Education.

MERC Annual Conference 2023

About the conference

The conference aims to provide opportunities for:

  • research students (Honours, Masters and PhD) to present their work-in-progress in a supportive atmosphere,
  • staff and research students in Faculty of Education to know more about research carried out across different campuses of the Faculty,
  • staff, research students and their peers to meet and share in academic conversations.

Who can present?

All research students in the Faculty of Education are invited to present a paper or a poster and contribute to our research community.

Call for papers are announced via students' emails.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Students who do not want to present a paper or poster can still attend the conference and contribute to the discussion.

Register your attendance - it is free.


Not from Monash?
Research students and academics from other institutions are also welcome to attend.

Past conferences

2022: Transforming Research for Thriving Communities

2021: Embracing Adaptability and Transformation in Research (pdf)

2020: Embracing the 3Rs: Resilience, Relearning and Regeneration (pdf)

2019: Linking Education Research to the Real World (pdf)

2018: Springtime in Education and Psychology Research: Growing Ideas Together (pdf)

2017: Developments in Education and Psychology: Share your research to contribute (pdf)

2016: Educational Research: As Reality and As Dreams (pdf)

2015: Inspiring thoughts and practices: How does your research contribute? (pdf)

2014: Making a difference: How does your research matter? (pdf)

2013: Breaking New Ground: How does educational research contribute to the profession? (pdf)

2012: Educational Research, Approaches and Practices (pdf)

2011: Educational research beyond borders (pdf)

2010: A research odyssey (pdf)

2009: Go Boldly: Act Locally, Think Globally (pdf)

2008: Education : New Horizons (pdf)

2007: Education Research and Practice: Futures and Possibilities (doc)

2006: Education in the 21st century (pdf)

2005: Researching together (pdf)

2004: Researching windows into education research (pdf)

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