Hands-on English language workshops

The English language workshops are practical, interactive and hands-on sessions focusing on further developing the English language skills of students in Education. They focus on common language issues encountered by students.

The workshops are targeted towards non-native speakers enrolled in courses in the Faculty of Education, but some workshops may be useful for native speakers as well. The sessions are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from every campus.

Available workshops

  • English language improvement strategies
  • Parts of speech, articles and singular-plural word forms
  • Verb forms and tenses
  • Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Prepositions and vocabulary
  • English language express (half day) covers all modules
  • English language intensive (all day) covers all modules, as well as speaking and pronunciation

Who to contact?

For further information about these sessions, or other academic language workshops, please contact the Academic Language Advisor:

Dr Lynette Pretorius
Clayton: LTB, Level 1
Peninsula: Room A4.10
Phone: +61 3 990 52848

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