Seminars for research students

Seminar descriptions

What’s a thesis in Education?

This workshop is designed to examine the common conventions of carrying out a research degree in the Faculty of Education.

Searching and reading the academic literature effectively

This workshop focuses on effective reading strategies to help students become part of the research conversation in the Faculty of Education. This session also examines strategies to help students discover and demonstrate the value of their research study within the academic literature in the field.

Working towards your confirmation in Education

This workshop focuses on the technicalities of writing for pre-confirmation candidates. In particular, this workshop examines the structural mechanics of a research proposal and demonstrates examples of effective proposals in the Faculty of Education.

Styles and formatting, proofreading and editing your work

This workshop focuses on the common conventions around presentation of an academic thesis in the Faculty of Education, including style and formatting issues, how to generate a table of contents, as well as headings and sub-headings in the APA style. This workshop also discusses effective strategies to proofread and edit written work.

Developing research aims and narrowing research questions in Education

This workshop focuses on developing a clear understanding of research aims and provides strategies to refine and focus research questions in Education.

Writing about your research approach and design in Education

This workshop examines ways that researchers can explain their research design and justify their research approaches in Education. Additionally, this workshop examines methodological choices, paradigms and epistemologies, demonstrating that these components are mutually interdependent.

Ethics committee applications in Education

This workshop examines the principles and reasons underpinning ethical research, focusing on practical application of ethical principles in writing approaches and data management.

Discussing data and making claims about findings in Education

This workshop focuses on effective strategies to analyse and discuss research findings in the Faculty of Education. In particular, this workshop discusses the explicit and implicit meaning of the language used to make claims about findings. A key focus of this workshop is developing strong arguments in research discussions, particularly in relation to expressing author voice in the data sections of the thesis.

Transition from individual chapters to creating a unified thesis in Education

This workshop discusses various thesis formats in the Faculty of Education and helps students to develop a connected thesis that builds a strong argument throughout their writing.

Writing conclusions and situating author voice in the Education field

This workshop explores the development of the author’s voice throughout the candidature, from the research proposal to conclusions and publications. The key foci of this workshop are the development of strategies to finalise the thesis and prepare for publication of results.

Writing for publication in education

Graduate research students are expected to write articles for journals and chapters for books. In this workshop, academics from the Faculty of Education discuss their experiences in publishing. In particular, this workshop is designed to provide students with effective strategies to maximise the possibilities of publishing in the field of Education.

Self-access materials

If you are unable to take part in a session because of work or other commitments, video recordings of the sessions will be available through Moodle (accessible via the portal).

In addition, electronic copies of all materials used will be available on Moodle immediately before the commencement of each session. Please contact our Academic Language Advisor below if you do not have access to the Moodle site.

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