Health, Physical Education and Sport Research Group

Health, Physical Education and Sport (HPES) is a Faculty of Education Research Group of global influence located at Monash University. We are changing the world through examining, as examples, pedagogical practices in schools such as the place of fitness testing, how to make sporting clubs more inclusive, the importance of informal sports in urban lifestyles and the impact of critical scholarship in combatting social injustices. Our researchers are internationally acclaimed and have been recipients of various research awards, scholarships and grants. Our research interests transcend disciplinary borders but are typically located within the fields of:

  • Pedagogy and physical education
  • Critical health education
  • Sociology of sport, the body and exercise
  • Sport for development and peace
  • Coaching and inclusivity
  • Sport policy analysis and governance
  • Gender and sexuality studies

As an interdisciplinary group, we are fluent in mixed methods approaches with strengths in both qualitative and quantitative research. We design our research to develop knowledge to inform and improve future policy and practice. We are committed to developing interdisciplinary collaborations and welcome contact from researchers and graduate students who are interested in exploring the areas we are passionate about.

Research and consultancy

As a group, we also have an extensive range of experience conducting research and consultancy for a variety of government, sporting, health and educational agencies, including: Vic Health; Australian Research Council; Cricket Victoria; Centre for Multicultural Youth; Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries; ACHPER; UNICEF, Rugby Victoria and Sport New Zealand.

Please contact us for more information on what the group can offer you in this area.

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