Mathematics and Fractions and Decimals Online Interviews Review

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This project is a review of the two assessment tools on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Insight Platform:

  • Mathematics Online Interview (MOI) and
  • Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI).

The purpose of the review is to provide evidence and insight for teachers and school leaders about ways to improve mathematics learning and teaching for all.


Our research team has planned a 3-phased evaluation which will use a multi-methods approach to ensure that data of the highest quality is collected, validated, and analysed — providing a clear way forward for improving the MOI and FDOI to the Department of Education, Victoria.

The evaluation will investigate:

  1. how the MOI and FDOI aligns with the Victorian Curriculum F-10: Mathematics in order to identify any gaps; and
  2. the effectiveness and usability of the current online platforms for implementing the MOI and FDOI reliably, and for analysing the outcomes.