Evaluation of the Gender Equality in Victorian Sport and Recreation Program Design Principles

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This project was commissioned by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Victoria) to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Gender Equality in Victorian Sport and Recreation Program Design Principles.

Additionally, the project aimed to:

  • design a theory of change,
  • develop a clear evaluation framework, and
  • write a report to outline themes, case studies and recommendations for the broader roll-out of the revised Design Principles.

The evaluation methodology asked the following research questions:

  1. What theories of change explain how operationalising the design principles will lead to greater levels of gender equality and reduction of violence against women in sport settings?
  2. How can this change be evaluated across projects?
  3. How have the nine projects sought to implement the design principles and what have been the key enablers and challenges to this process?
  4. What best practice examples exist illustrating how the design principles have been successfully implemented to facilitate positive change in sporting environments?
  5. What adjustments and refinements should be made to improve the design principles?