How to apply for a research degree

Follow these steps to apply for admission into a graduate research degree in Education, and for relevant scholarships.

Step 1: Review course and check your eligibility

You will find the admission requirements, course outline and progression requirements in the relevant course details and handbook below.

Course details Course code Handbook Commencement / application dates
Doctor of Philosophy 0079 Handbook for Doctoral Degrees No fixed commencement dates, apply any time.
Master of Education
(thesis and coursework)
3204 Handbook for Master's by Research Commence Term 1: 1 January
Commence Term 3: 1 July

Submit your application at least one month prior to above commencement dates.

English Language Proficiency

If English is not your first language, you must meet the minimum requirements for English Language Proficiency.

Pathways to research

If you do not have sufficient training in research, please see Pathways to research available to you.

Step 2: Search for potential supervisors

Type your research interest(s) in the search box below, or if known, a researcher's name. This will allow you to find staff who specialise, supervise or publish in the areas you are interested in.


Once you have found a researcher that you believe could supervise your project, you can nominate them as a potential supervisor on your Expression of Interest form. We would encourage you to discuss your research with the proposed supervisor prior to nominating them.

Please note: Final allocation of supervisors is made based on the supervisors’ existing load, their current availability and the suitability of their expertise with your proposed research topic. Correspondence with prospective supervisors does NOT guarantee a position in the course.

Step 3: Submit an Expression of Interest form online

Once you have found a supervisor you wish to nominate, please lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) form. The answers you provide in the EOI are used to make an initial assessment of your eligibility. You must complete this form in order to receive an Invitation to Apply for a research degree.

Expression of Interest form

Who to contact?

If you still have questions, please contact us at the Graduate Research Office.