Working With Children Check

All students undertaking their placements in the state of Victoria must have a valid Working with Children Check in order to commence their placement.

You must provide details of your valid WWCC card number to the Professional Experience Office no later than end of week 3 of Semester 1.

Apply for Working With Children Check (WWCC) card

Apply for your WWCC card now!
Go to the WWCC website - it explains the process.

Note: You can begin applying for your WWCC online, but it may need to be submitted at an Australian Post Office. You will need to be residing in Australia to begin your application.

Please use the following values to complete the online Working with Children Check application form.

Type of application "Volunteer" (no fee)
Organisation details Monash University
Faculty of Education
19 Ancora Imparo Way
Clayton, VIC, 3800
(03) 99044276
Occupational work codes relevant to your course Early Childhood Education: 14, 26, 44, or 46
Primary Education: 44 or 46
Secondary Education: 44, 46, 50 or 52
P-10 Education: 44, 46, 50 or 52
Counselling or Psychology: 26, 40, 44 and 46

If you already have a valid WWCC from a previous employer

Employee cards override Volunteer cards. If you have an Employee card, please enter the card number and expiry date on InPlace.

Ensure you also complete the Notification of Change of Personal Details form on the WWCC website. There is provision to add multiple organisations if required. This must be done within 21 days of changing provider or financial penalties may occur.

If you have lost your WWCC card

If you have lost your card, go to Replace your card and order a replacement card by filling in the online form on the WWCC website. (Fees apply for the replacement of an Employee card).

If you need to update your WWCC

You can update the recorded personal details on your WWCC online by visiting the Update your details webpage on the WWCC website.

Submitting your WWCC to the Professional Experience Office

Once you have received your WWCC card number, please update these details on InPlace. (See how to update security clearance details on InPlace (pdf)).

Once you have entered your WWCC details the Professional Experience Office will review them. Once reviewed, the verified status will be updated to either:

  • Yes = which means the details entered have been accepted and no further action is required
  • Rejected = which means the details have not been accepted and further action is required
    • You will be able to view comments on why it has been rejected by clicking anywhere in the "Please upload your WWCC document" row.
    • Notification of any rejected documents will also display on your homepage as a quick reference for you.

If your WWCC has been denied

Contact the Department of Justice, and the Professional Experience Office via