Kids co-designing sustainable and healthy environments

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The recently released consensus statement on obesity prevention – A healthier start for Victorians – recommended eight actions to prevent obesity in Victoria. The first action is "Engage and support local communities to develop and lead their own healthy eating and physical activity initiatives".

In response to this, the Kids co-designing sustainable and healthy environments project places children at the centre of designing solutions and seeks to examine the potential that this approach offers children and local policy makers as they work to co-design more healthy and sustainable communities as part of municipal public health and wellbeing planning.

Our research design and methods are necessarily creative, action-oriented, adaptive, participatory and transdisciplinary. We will utilise a co-design methodology to develop an evidenced-based online digital toolkit that local councils, early childhood centres, and/or schools can use to creatively engage children and young people in the process of co-designing healthy and sustainable environments as part of local policymaking processes.


Research outcomes

As part of this project we developed a new toolkit to support early childhood educators, teachers and local councils to include children in co-designing healthy spaces.