Who to contact

Who to contact regarding professional experience

At Monash Education, we have two teams dedicated to professional experience - see which one to contact.

Placement allocation enquiries

Professional Experience Office (PEO)

Professional Experience Office (PEO) organises and allocates teacher placements and counselling placements.

For enquiries about your allocated placements, please contact the PE Office.

1800 666 274

Clayton campus
Learning and Teaching Building, Level 1

Peninsula campus (Thursdays only)
Peninsula Student Services Office
Room 18, Level 4, Building A

Open hours
Mon - Wed, 8:45am - 5pm
Thu - Fri, 8:45am - 4pm

Support during placement

Professional Practice Consultants (PPCs)

Professional Practice Consultants (PPCs) provide support to pre-service students during their placement.

Please contact the PPC team if you, or your mentor, have any issues with the progress of your placement.

Clayton campus
Learning and Teaching Building, Level 1

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