Education, Environment and Sustainability research group

The Education, Environment and Sustainability (EES) Research Group is committed to advancing research-based understandings and the scholarly development of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability.

We invite scholars, students and stakeholders to participate in developing and exchanging knowledge about EES through research, networking and scholarship.

We aspire to create work known for its high quality, collaborative aspects, and reflexivity. For enquiries about joining our research group, supervision, and other academic matters, please contact either of the co-leaders.

Key dimensions and themes in our research

The group's research activities are shaped by critical considerations of three interrelated dimensions:

  • Research and policy
  • Engagement and impact
  • Curriculum and pedagogy.

Key topics for our research, scholarship and supervision include:

  • the range of educational/environmental/sustainability principles, processes, designs and contexts that promote, support or challenge environmental education and education for sustainability
  • qualities and degrees of relation, in - for example - the intersections of the human-environment, social-ecological, local-global, and culture-nature
  • EES-related knowledge, including its conceptualisation, production, representation, governance, engagement and critique.

Consultancy, collaborations, and scholarly leadership

Group members (core and associate) have extensive national and international experience in research, evaluation and consultancy. We have worked with a wide variety of environmental, sustainability and educational agencies and organisations. Please contact us for more information on examples and services  the group can offer.

We work closely with Monash Sustainability Development Institute.

EES members have convened and/or advised international EES-related research conferences, workshops and seminar series. We work regularly with active research networks and partners in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa. We also have editorial and refereeing responsibilities in various international journals and publications, including the highly rated Environmental Education Research Journal.

Group members