Placement dates

Scheduled placement dates for 2019

The commencement date and duration of a placement will vary depending on what course you are studying.

Please note, if you are logged in with your Google account, you will be able to add placement dates to your calendar with a click of a button.

Download full calendars 2019

Early Years Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

Early Years & Primary Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

Primary Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

HPE Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

Primary and Secondary Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

Secondary Placements Calendar 2019 (pdf)

(Note: International Professional Experience (IPE) dates are the same for all specialisations and are included in all the calendars.)

What if we cannot place you in the scheduled placement period?

We aim to place you in the scheduled placement period. However, in a small number of cases this may not be possible.

If this occurs we will contact you prior to your placement and advise you that we are moving your placement to the examination period. Examination period dates change from year to year, so it is best to refer to the placement calendars.

If moving your placement to the examination period will affect your ability to submit assessment tasks on time or sit exams, we advise you to contact the academic in charge of the assessment directly for advice on extensions, etc. If an Academic requires proof of your placement being moved, please submit your request via and we will provide this for you.