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"Towards Quality Use of Research Evidence In EducationDiscussion Paper

Our Discussion Paper aims to stimulate debate about the process of working towards high-quality use of research evidence in Australian education.

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Quality Use of Research Evidence Framework Report

We have developed a conceptual framework that defines and elaborates on what ‘quality use of research evidence’ might mean in education.

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Publications from Q Project

Here is what we've published so far.


Quality of research use - early ideas from the Q Project (pdf)
Rickinson and Cirkony [Slides from the William T Grant Foundation Forum, 26 March 2019]

Towards quality use of evidence (pptx)
Rickinson [Slides from Monash Learning and Teaching Conference, 5 June 2019]

Towards Quality Use of Evidence in Schools (pdf)
Rickinson and Walsh [Slides from Research Forum Seminar, Queensland Department of Education, 23 July 2019]

National Evidence Institute: Some initial ideas (pdf)
Rickinson [Slides from AARE Schools and Education Systems SIG seminar, 25 July 2019]

Pre-Q publications (rationale)

What makes schools say Yes or No to participating in research projects?
Rickinson and Prendergast [blog post]

Access to high quality research evidence is a good start, but not enough
Rickinson and Prendergast [blog post]

Understanding school engagement in and with research - read only version
Rickinson and Prendergast [journal article]

Understanding evidence use within education policy: a policy narrative perspective
Rickinson, Walsh, de Bruin and Hall [open-access journal article]

School principals and evidence use
Rickinson, Brooks and Wilkinson [book chapter]

What can evidence-use in practice learn from evidence-use in policy?
Rickinson, de Bruin, Walsh and Hall [open-access journal article]

Communicating research findings
Rickinson [handbook chapter]