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Introducing our Q Suite: A set of resources and insights for educators

This Q Suite showcases data findings from a survey of nearly 500 practitioners. It focuses on the theme of 'finding and using research and evidence in practice.'

We are delighted to share it with you, and we encourage you to use it within your school and other networks.

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"Towards Quality Use of Research Evidence In Education" Discussion Paper

Our Discussion Paper aims to stimulate debate about the process of working towards high-quality use of research evidence in Australian education.

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Quality Use of Research Evidence Framework Report

We have developed a conceptual framework that defines and elaborates on what ‘quality use of research evidence’ might mean in education.

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Publications from Q Project

Here is what we've published so far.


Quality of research use - early ideas from the Q Project (pdf)
Rickinson and Cirkony [Slides from the William T Grant Foundation Forum, 26 March 2019]

Towards quality use of evidence (pptx)
Rickinson [Slides from Monash Learning and Teaching Conference, 5 June 2019]

Towards Quality Use of Evidence in Schools (pdf)
Rickinson and Walsh [Slides from Research Forum Seminar, Queensland Department of Education, 23 July 2019]

National Evidence Institute: Some initial ideas (pdf)
Rickinson [Slides from AARE Schools and Education Systems SIG seminar, 25 July 2019]

Pre-Q publications (rationale)

What makes schools say Yes or No to participating in research projects?
Rickinson and Prendergast [blog post]

Access to high quality research evidence is a good start, but not enough
Rickinson and Prendergast [blog post]

Understanding school engagement in and with research - read only version
Rickinson and Prendergast [journal article]

Understanding evidence use within education policy: a policy narrative perspective
Rickinson, Walsh, de Bruin and Hall [open-access journal article]

School principals and evidence use
Rickinson, Brooks and Wilkinson [book chapter]

What can evidence-use in practice learn from evidence-use in policy?
Rickinson, de Bruin, Walsh and Hall [open-access journal article]

Communicating research findings
Rickinson [handbook chapter]