Government and University legislation and policies

All Monash students are subject to the provisions contained in Federal and Victorian Government Acts and Monash University statutes, regulations and policies.

Monash University education policies and procedures provide a statement of the principles that govern the planning and conduct of education programs across the University. Education policies and procedures are reviewed on a three-year cycle or as required.

You’re responsible for familiarising yourself with the legislation and policies that directly apply to your course. Some additional rules may apply depending on your course or place of study (for example, if you’re a higher degree research candidate or you’re studying at Monash University Malaysia).

You can find the most recent version of the Acts, statutes, regulations and schedules relating to the University on the University legislation web page.

Course regulations

If you began your studies before 28 May 2014, the course details set out in the relevant Handbook edition are supplemented by the provisions of any applicable course regulations. Any reference in the course regulations to a faculty board is to be read as a reference to the faculty dean.

If you began your studies before 2014, you should consult the archived Handbook edition for the year in which you started your course.

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