Arts enrichment units

Travel, learning and adventure - these possibilities await you with Arts, or upskill your writing, presentation, intercultural and reading skills. Discover Arts enrichment units and explore the opportunities available to you.

Only selected units are available at each campus; check the unit and course entries for offerings and specific requirements.

Unit codes that are do not link to an entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


Level 1

Level 2/3

  • ATS2170/ATS3170 Social entrepreneurship challenge in the Indo-Pacific
  • ATS2266/ATS3326 Living a meaningful life: The history, philosophy and practice of a contemplative life
  • ATS2267/ATS3327 True happiness: The art, practice and science of human flourishing
  • ATS2313/ATS3891 Representing migration in Europe: Crisis, creativity and culture
  • ATS2992 Global immersion guarantee program
  • ATS2490 Advanced professional writing
  • ATS2354 Interrogating racism: Indigenous Australians and the state
  • ATS2743/ATS3743 Build your career: Planning and strategies for employability
  • ATS2910 Professional and academic presentation skills
  • ATS3064 Intercultural communication: Developing competences in a multicultural context
  • ATS3129 Arts internship
  • ATS3130 Arts international internship
  • ATS3935 Professional practice

Level 4/5

  • APG5136 Mindfulness for workplace wellbeing and productivity
  • APG5170 Social enterprise challenge in the Indo-Pacific
  • APG5470 Managing multicultural teams
  • APG5471 Leadership in intercultural environment

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