Graduate research - Faculty of Arts

Graduate research students are admitted to the university to conduct research on a specific area of interest at masters or PhD level. Students select their research topics in line with the faculty's research strengths. Students then work under the guidance of an academic supervisor or supervisors to produce a thesis which is presented for examination. Advanced coursework and training may also be undertaken or required to enhance each student's research training experience.

The research environment

The Faculty of Arts at Monash attracts one of the largest enrolments of higher degree by research candidates of any arts faculty in Australia. The faculty provides a diverse, stimulating and supportive environment for graduate researchers and in conjunction with the Monash Graduate Research Office, offers a range of funded support for higher degree candidates to undertake research. Master's by research and PhD candidates in Arts have access to a full suite of Monash research resources both in Australia and overseas, and to specialist resources within the faculty.

Research support

In addition to expert and attentive supervision in a wide range of specialisations, the faculty provides an impressive range of advanced discipline development training seminars and activities to support and strengthen research practice, advance discipline knowledge and equip students for a future beyond their higher degree.

Professional experience

The Faculty of Arts also recognises the importance of providing its graduate students with professional experience of various kinds. The faculty has a long tradition of employing its own graduate research candidates as sessional teachers, casual research assistants and in other capacities. In addition to providing candidates with additional income while they pursue their research degrees, this employment also facilitates the acquisition of a range of transferable skills. During their time in the faculty, students will also have the opportunity to develop and extend their research and communication skills in their chosen field, and also to acquire a range of additional skills in other areas.

Research publishing

Graduate researchers in the Faculty of Arts are encouraged and supported to participate in a professional research culture. To further promote publication by research students, the faculty runs a special program, Graduate Researchers in Print (GRiP). GRiP participants are assisted by a facilitator who enables and informs participants in various aspects of publishing including identifying appropriate journals, preparing submissions, responding to reviewers' reports and providing critical feedback on draft material.

Research strengths

Monash Arts is well known for high quality research in the humanities and social sciences. Our research is innovative, fully engaged with diverse communities and international in its scope and recognition. More information about the faculty's research strengths is available on the Arts research priorities website.


A range of research scholarships are available to support graduate researchers while they pursue their research and candidature.

Grants and awards

The university and Faculty of Arts provide a range of grants and awards to support research-related travel and activities, to support publication of thesis material and to recognise the quality of research and outputs produced by our graduate researchers. We appreciate the valuable contribution that such students make to our research endeavour.

Students enrolled in a research degree prior to 2013

There have been a number of changes to the requirements for higher degrees over the years in respect to duration, thesis length and any coursework or training requirements. Students who commenced their higher degree by research prior to 2013 should refer to the archived Handbook for the first year of enrolment in their course.

Research degree candidature

All matters concerning the PhD and master's by research degrees are governed by the Graduate Research Committee of the Univerity's Academic Board.

The regulations, policies and protocols pertaining to graduate research degrees at Monash University are publishing in the handbooks for doctoral and research master's degrees. These Handbooks contain critical and comprehensive information for graduate research students and should be the first point of reference for information relating to candidature for PhD or research master's degrees.

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