Study modes - Faculty of Engineering

Full-time and part-time enrolment

The faculty permits both full-time and part-time enrolment. Units to the value of 24 points constitute a normal full-time enrolment in any semester. There are therefore 48 points in a normal full-time year. An over enrolment of up to a total of 30 points in a semester is permitted. Part-time enrolment is allowed, provided the student is aware of the maximum time limit for degree completion stated in the regulations for the relevant course.

International students on student visas should note that they are required by Commonwealth Government legislation to be enrolled on a full-time basis in any semester.

Time limit and intermission

For most engineering single-degree programs, the time limit is eight years from initial enrolment. All engineering double-degree programs have a time limit of 10 years, except for the double-degree programs with the Faculty of Law, where the time limit is 12 years.

Where circumstances arise which oblige students to suspend their studies for a time, intermission may be sought from the faculty for one semester or one year at a time (but not more). Information about the appropriate steps to be taken is available from the faculty's administration offices on each campus. Students should remember that periods granted as intermission are counted as part of their total time limit.

Duration of degrees


All the single undergraduate (honours) degree programs are of four years duration if taken full-time or up to eight years duration if taken part-time. The double-degrees are of either five or six years duration if taken full-time, with some overloading.


A candidate is awarded a degree with an honours grade for meritorious performance throughout the course in engineering programs offered by the faculty. No additional time is required. All units which have a numerical mark are considered in the determination of the honours grade for single degrees, but greater weight is given to the units in the later years of the course than to those in the earlier years. The honours grade for the engineering component of a double-degree is calculated on the engineering units only.

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