Editorial roles in academic publications require significant expertise in the relevant field.  Individuals must be at the forefront of their discipline.  An appointment to an editorial position normally reflects the recognition and respect of peers for that level of expertise.

We are pleased to acknowledge the large number and diverse range of editorial roles held by our staff.

R Journal Professor Dianne Cook
The Journal of Applied Econometrics Professor Heather Anderson
Section Editor
Journal of Statistical Software Professor Rob Hyndman
Associate Editors
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics Professor Dianne Cook
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics Professor Farshid Vahid
Econometric Theory Professor Jiti Gao
Economic Record Professor Heather Anderson
Empirical Economics Professor Farshid Vahid
International Journal of Forecasting Professor Gael Martin
Professor Rob Hyndman
Professor George Athanasopoulos      
Journal of Applied Econometrics Professor Heather Anderson
Professor Gael Martin
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics Professor Jiti Gao
Journal of Econometrics Professor Jiti Gao
Journal of Time Series Analysis Professor Don Poskitt
Macroeconomic Dynamics Professor Farshid Vahid

Fellowships of scientific academies recognise the most distinguished individuals in their discipline. Normally elected by peers, only a very limited number of people acquire this status.

We are pleased to acknowledge this level of achievement in our staff.

FellowshipStaff member
Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Professor Heather Anderson
Professor Jiti Gao
Professor Max King
Professor Keith McLaren
Professor Alan Powell 
Professor Farshid Vahid

Fellow of the American Statistical AssociationProfessor Dianne Cook
Fellow of the Econometric SocietyProfessor Alan Powell
Fellow of the International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE)
Fellow of the Journal of EconometricsProfessor Jiti Gao

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