Working paper submission guidelines

The working paper series feeds directly into some rankings of the Department, so it is in our interests to have all the papers we produce appear in that series. As well as helping the Department, it also raises the visibility of research because the papers will appear on RePEc and Google Scholar, and will be more likely to be cited as a result, and it helps establish priority in cases where other researchers are working on a similar topic. Papers should be submitted either at the time they are first submitted to a journal, or at the time a first revision of the paper is submitted to the journal. Having work appear in the working paper series does not prevent staff from also posting it on SSRN, arXiv, personal websites or anywhere else. It also does not cause any copyright issues with the journals we publish in.

The standard of working papers that are published on the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics website is important, as they are indexed (given an ISSN) and circulated internationally. Therefore, it is appropriate that our working papers not only make an academic contribution, but that they are also free from expositional problems, notational shortcomings and other editorial problems.

A senior faculty member is assigned to review submissions to the EBS working paper series for its academic content before we release it, so it appropriate for authors to deal with any editorial issues first.

Guidelines for submission of EBS working papers

  • Working papers being submitted should be proofread and essentially ready for submission to a quality journal, and the onus is on the author(s) to undertake this proofreading.
  • For papers authored (or co-authored) by at least one EBS staff member: one of these EBS staff members should take responsibility for the editorial quality of the working paper before it is submitted for review. For papers that are single authored by an EBS student: the student’s main supervisor should make sure that the student has proofread and edited the manuscript.


  1. Send a pdf of your working paper to the Executive Assistant, Andrea Meyer (email:
  2. The Executive Assistant will forward it to the academic staff member responsible for reviewing papers. Experienced researchers can nominate to skip the review process if they wish.
  3. Once reviewed and approved, the Executive Assistant will add a cover page with a working paper number and send it to the web team.
  4. When the web team confirms that the paper is up on the website, the Executive Assistant will let the submitter know that their paper is up on the Department’s publications web site.

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