Visiting scholars

The Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics welcomes leading scholars from around the world to Monash Business School each year as part of the Visiting Scholars Program.

During their visit, these scholars share their knowledge with our staff and students through meetings, seminars, and informal discussions. Most of our visitors present in our seminar series.

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Professor Tong Li Vanderbilt University1 - 14 February 2022
Associate Professor Minh-Ngoc TranUniversity of Sydney13 - 14 April 2022
Professor James MorleyUniversity of Sydney10 - 14 May 2022
Dr Francis HuiAustralian National University11 - 18 May 2022
Dr Pauline O’ShaughnessyUniversity of Wollongong1 - 10 June 2022
Associate Professor Robert KaneInternational University of Japan13 June - 19 August 2022
Associate Professor Isabel CasasUniversity of Deusto, Spain11 - 29 July 2022
Professor Benjamin AvanziUniversity of Melbourne19 July - 30 November 2022
Dr Shuya ZhongCollege of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, UK31 July - 24 August 2022
Daniele GirolimettoUniversity of Padua, Italy5 September 2022 - 24 February 2023
Professor Chika SakaKwansei Gakuin University, Japan5 September 2022 - 24 March 2023
Associate Professor Bahman Rostami-TabarCardiff University7 October - 25 November 2022
Professor Nancy Reid University of TorontoFebruary 3 - April 13
Emeritus Professor Donald Fraser University of TorontoFebruary 3 - April 13
Professor Nikolaos Kourentzes University of SkovdeFebruary 5-17
Professor Peter Phillips Yale UniversityFebruary 10-15
Ms Emily Dodwell AT&T LabsFebruary 17-28
Professor Colin McKenzie Keio UniversityFebruary 17 - March 25
Professor Tino Berger University of GottingenFebruary 21 - March 13
Dr Wenying Yao Deakin UniversityFebruary 24 - March 23
Dr Matteo Luciani Federal Reserve BoardFebruary 24-28
Professor Helmut Luetkepohl Free University of BerlinMarch 10
Professor John Einmahl University of Tilburg January 2 - February 1
Dr Clara Cordeiro University of Algarve January 7 - June 15
Professor Chaohua Dong Zhongnan University of Economics and Law February 10-27
Professor Frank Windmeijer University of Bristol February 19 - March 3
Professor Whitney Newey Massachusetts Institute of Technology February 19 - 22
Professor Peter Song University of Michigan March 1
Professor Bruce Hansen University of Wisconsin March 25
Professor Yacine Ait-Sahalia Princeton University July 12-17
Dr Anthony Lee University of Bristol July 16 - 20
Professor Tong Li Vanderbilt University July 29 - August 23
Professor Ralf Brueggemann University of Konstanz August 1 - January 31, 2020
Professor Eric Renault University of Warwick August 5 - September 12
Professor Dick van Dijk Erasmus University, Rotterdam August 23
Professor Arthur Lewbel Boston College September 8-15
Professor Michael Keane University of New South Wales October 17
Professor Christopher Wild University of Auckland November 20-22
Professor Galit Shmueli National Tsinghua University, Taiwan November 23 - December 7
Professor Hadley Wickham RStudio/University of Auckland November 25 - 29
Professor Oliver Linton University of Cambridge December 9-20
Professor Robert Kohn University of New South Wales November 26 - November 27
Professor Adrian Pagan University of Sydney November 26 - November 27
Dr Gianni Amisano Federal Reserve Board November 26 - November 28
Professor Oliver Linton University of Cambridge November 24 - December 7
Professor Serena Ng Columbia University November 21-28
Professor Andrew Harvey University of Cambridge November 16
Professor Kevin Lee University of Nottingham November 7
Professor Oliver Linton University of Cambridge April 1-16
Professor Richard Smith University of Cambridge March 16
Professor Helmut Lutkepohl Free University, Berlin February 23
Professor Russell Davidson McGill University February 15
Professor Peter Phillips Yale University February 5-7
Assoc Professor Nikolaos Kourentzes Lancaster University, UK January 31 to March 13
Professor Jingxiao Zhang (former) Renmin University, China January 5 to January 16
Ass Prof Seungmoon Choi University of Seoul, Korea January 18
Ass Prof Arturas Juodis University of Groningen, Netherlands January 23 to February 2
Assoc Prof Ali Shojaie University of Washington, USA February 13 to February 14
Dr Rami Tabri University of Sydney February 17 to March 22
Prof Russell Davidson McGill University, France February 21 to February 22
Prof Longbing Cao University of Technology March 3 to April 3
Professor Timo Terasvirta Aarhus University March 12 to March 19
Dr Toru Kitagawa University College London March 31
Professor Pierre Pinson Technical University of Denmark June 19 to June 21
Dr Mika Meitz University of Helsinki July 7
Professor Roger Peng Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health August 1 2017 to June 1 2018
Professor John Rust Georgetown University August 11
Professor Tong Li Vanderbilt University August 15 to August 22
Professor Noel Cressie University of Wollongong November 1
Professor Brendan McCabe University of Liverpool November 1 to November 17
Professor Takashi Yamagata University of York November 23 to December 7