Update your passwords in Keychain (macOS)

  1. Press Command (Mac command button icon) + Space and search for 'Keychain access'
    Keychain Access application search
  2. In the Keychain Access:
    1. If the padlock is locked, click and enter your password to unlock settings
    2. Under Keychain, select login
    3. Under Category, select All Items
    4. In the Search box, search for ‘M-Pass’
    5. Double-click on M-Pass Printers
    Keychain Access application
  3. Tick Show Passwords
    If your Account only has ‘username’ change it to ‘monash\username’
    M-Pass printer dialog box
  4. Type in your computer password
  5. Select Allow
    Password field box
  6. Your password will be shown in plain text - delete it and enter your new password
  7. Click Save Changes
    Change password box
  8. Your password has been updated and you're ready to print

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