Printing costs

Multi-functional printers are available on campus in libraries, and in or near student computer labs. Printing charges depend on your choice of:

  • mono or colour printing
  • paper size (A4 or A3)

The default printer setting is double-sided (duplex) for printers that support duplex. You can change the setting manually to single-sided.

Standard printing charges

Print item Cost ($)
A4 BW single-sided 0.08
A4 BW duplex 0.10
A4 colour single-sided 0.25
A4 colour duplex 0.30
A3 BW single-sided 0.18
A3 BW duplex 0.20
A3 colour single-sided 0.50
A3 colour duplex 0.60

If you're printing lecture slides from PowerPoint, print Handouts instead of Slides. You can print up to nine slides on one sheet, saving paper and money.

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