Accessing student learning systems

A range of learning systems are available to students at Monash University. Here you’ll  find how to access and use the various Monash University education platforms and tools needed for your online studies.

This information is also in the  Online Education Systems Student User Guide (pdf, 1.21 mb), which you can download and print.

If, after following the self-help instructions, you still have problems accessing these platforms, you can contact the Service Desk for help.

Student tasks, the learning system they should use, and what it does
What do you want to do? System to use What it does
Securely access Monash University systems from mainland China onlyMonash International VPN (China only) Monash International VPN is a virtual private network created specifically for students in mainland China so they can access Monash University applications and services. This is the recommended VPN. If you’re connecting from outside of mainland China, use the Monash VPN instead.

Watch this short video to see how to install and connect to Monash International VPN on your laptop or desktop.

If you're unable to view the video, or for Chinese subtitles, you can watch it on Youku.
Securely access Monash University systems from all other regions Monash VPN This is the Monash VPN network. It allows you to securely access most Monash services when you’re not on a campus, and improves the stability of your connection with the Monash services listed here.
Access my curriculum details Moodle Moodle is Monash's online learning management system containing all your curriculum details, activities and quizzes.
Watch a Panopto video in my Moodle unit Panopto Panopto is used to store and provide access to non-lecture recordings created by academics for students.
Access pre-recorded or live-streamed lectures. Echo360 Echo360 allows you to access and download lecture video recordings, which are pre-recorded or live streamed.
Access specialised software for my course MoVE software MoVE (Monash Virtual Environment) is the way for students to access the specialised software and applications.
Access library materials related to my course Library Search Library Search is your gateway to the databases, ejournals and ebooks. We recommend you access these e-resources using a Monash VPN option.
Access my personal timetable Allocate+ Allocate+ is the tool for creating your personal timetable.
Join a video or audio meeting created by someone else

Start my own video or audio meeting
Zoom Zoom is a tool that allows one-on-one and group virtual meetings with your lecturer or tutor.
Participate in a poll my tutor is running as part of a lesson FLUX FLUX is a web and SMS-based student response system. During class, tutors display a FLUX activity on-screen and students respond on their device. The results appear live on-screen for the class to discuss or for the tutor to grade.
Access learning resources in EQUELLA EQUELLA EQUELLA is used for storing and managing digital documents, images and other forms of multimedia. At Monash, this system is used only by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.
Participate in a poll my tutor is running as part of a lesson Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere is a web and SMS-based student response system used by some lecturers and tutors as an alternative to FLUX.
Manage your student placements InPlace InPlace is used to manage and track any placements you may need to complete as part of your studies.

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