Remote access for staff

If you’re working offsite, find out how to access key University systems and tools.

Quick reference guide

A quick reference guide for accessing common Monash IT systems.

Quick reference guide (pdf, 0.16 mb)

Quick reference guide

Staff Remote Access Guide

This guide provides more detailed steps (with screenshots) on how to access University systems remotely.

Staff Remote Access Guide (pdf, 2.38 mb)

Essential links for staff

This is a concise list of web resources and how to access them.

Essential links for staff (pdf, 0.17 mb)

Tasks, systems to help those tasks, and what those systems do.
What do you want to do System to use What it does
Securely access some Monash University systems such as SAP, Callista or the S drive remotely.

VPN only required for some Monash services
Monash VPN This is the Monash VPN network. It allows you to securely access specific IT resources as if you were on campus.

The VPN software is already installed onto Monash-provided laptops.
Access Monash software. MoVE MoVE (Monash Virtual Environment) is the new way to access some specialised software and applications, anywhere and anytime.
Join a video or audio meeting created by someone else. Start my own video or audio meeting. Video conferencing Video conferencing allows one-on-one and group virtual meetings
Take deskphone calls at a different Monash site or desk. Extension mobility Extension mobility means you can use any Cisco brand desk phone at a Monash site as your own, and make and receive calls using your own phone number.
Make and receive calls using your Monash phone number, away from your desk. Cisco Softphone Cisco Softphone allows users to make and receive phone calls through a computer, without a physical handset. Softphone is only available to a limited number of pre-approved users.
Install additional software onto my Monash computer. Software Centre Software Centre (Windows) and Self Service (macOS) provides a catalogue of applications available for automatic install. Just choose what you need, and click “Install”.
Install additional software on to my Monash or personal computer. Software catalogue Software catalogue hosts information and download links for all the additional software we can supply.
Connect my computer to the internet from my mobile device. Mobile tethering/personal hotspot You can share the internet connection from your mobile device if you don’t have access to a fixed internet connection.

Video conferencing guides

Discover remote collaboration tools to make it easier to work off-site.

Voice and video conferencing guides (pdf, 1.08 mb)

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