Pathways and course transfers

Want to study Law at Monash University but just missed out on the marks?

Undergraduates from both Monash University and other Australian universities can transfer their studies to the Faculty of Law at Monash University.

This is often a way into Law for students who do not meet the initial entry requirements based on their achieved ATAR (or equivalent).

There are 3 different options available for you, depending on your circumstances.

Which of the following applies to you?
  1. Transferring via internal transfer to Monash Law from another Monash degreeTransferring to Monash Law from another university
  2. New pathway to Monash Law: just missed out on Selection Rank
  3. Transferring to Monash Law from another university

For more information about all available pathways please visit Monash Entry Pathways.

Missed out on English language requirements?

Have you successfully met the academic entry requirements for Monash Law, but just missed out on the English language entry requirements?

Simply complete the relevant Monash English Bridging course (students must meet eligibility criteria for Monash English Bridging course) for guaranteed entry to Monash Law.