Exhibiting art and design of the highest standard with an emphasis on excellence as a result of research, MADA Gallery is utilised as a teaching aid for the benefit of the students and staff from the faculty along with the wider community.

Work exhibited emphasises the high quality of art and design demanded and expected by the faculty and therefore reflects the university’s strengths in research and cultural production.

The exhibition program addresses the relationships between contemporary art and design, and current critical debate. Exhibiting an appreciation of the history and tradition of art and design, the gallery uses its unique position in Australia to aid and assist with cultural appreciation in the community at a national and international level.

MADA Gallery exhibits solo, group and curated shows by academic and professional staff, local, interstate and international artists and curators and hosts artist in residency programs. The Gallery program is designed to extend critical debate about contemporary visual arts, design and culture. The Gallery is committed to exploring issues of contemporary art, design, craft and technology in exhibitions of an international standard.

Exhibitions are regularly accompanied by catalogues produced to develop public understanding of visual art and design issues and practices. Public lectures, forums, artist’s talks and other activities are held to complement specific exhibitions and to address issues of current public interest. These public lectures, seminars and publications augment the exhibition program and further contribute to the critical discussions of all aspects of contemporary visual culture.

MADA Gallery staff

Past Directors

  • Angela Brophy
  • Lisa Burn
  • Malcom Bywaters (founding Director)
  • Elena Galimberti
  • AJ Kearns
  • Alicia Renew

Past volunteers / interns

  • Emily Carrol, Jacqui Harris, Vivien Hollingsworth, Caitlin Parkinson, Melinda Raj Morna, Victoria Holessis, Olga Gourko, Erin Larkings, Sarah Mote, Andrew Kershaw, Zan Soloman, Nina Read (Intern), Gemma Fulton, Moya Matthews (Intern), Kate Scally, Emily Schlig, Catherine Pieper, Sarah Ng, Tara Nangia, Adriana Dujela, Adelle Gresle, Lauren Young, Ruby Pilven (Intern)

Banner artwork: Denise Honan, Wrapped (detail), 2018