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  1. 23 May - 02 June 2024

    Melbourne Design Week

    Monash Art, Design and Architecture is running an exciting program of events as part of Melbourne Design Week 2024. Featuring ...

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  2. 23 May - 01 June 2024

    Spiros Panigirakis: Variables & Settings

    Variables & Settings comprises two projects by Spiros Panigirakis that blur boundaries between sculpture and functional design. Variables comprises shirts ...

  3. 23 - 31 May 2024

    Participation in Action: Exhibition

    The power of participation in co-realising unique ideas for places, spaces and programs highlights how design and creative practices enable ...

  4. 23 May - 02 June 2024

    Ground Melbourne

    “Of all Australia’s major cities the natural environment of Melbourne before British settlement is perhaps the most difficult now to ...

  5. 27 - 31 May 2024

    Transhuman: Crafting Futures with Nature's Wisdom

    Transhuman leads us into an interactive realm where nature's ingenuity offers solutions to some of the most complex challenges of ...

  6. 27 - 31 May 2024

    The Agave

    The Agave furniture sculpture is an Indigenous design that embodies relationality between people and place, is founded on ancestral knowledge, ...

  7. 27 May 2024

    Common Ground 3: Tools

    In connection with the exhibited project Ground Melbourne by Monash Urban Lab at the 2023 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and ...

  8. 27 May 2024

    It’s all about play: Cosy and leisure games from indies and archives

    There is a rapidly growing community of indie game designers and players who embrace diverse perspectives and creative vision. Gaming ...

  9. 27 May 2024

    Victorian Pride Centre: Spaces of Becoming

    Join us for a screening of the Documentary on the designing of the Pride Centre with the Architects James Brearley, ...

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